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About us
Who we are

Greenrock Commodities Ltd is a London based trading house founded by three partners who understand the scope and extent of demand for natural and green products used in agriculture, forestry management, animal feed production, bioenergy, but which are also used as raw materials in the production of cosmetics & perfumery products or medicinal compounds. We work very hard to offer green solutions to our clients and ensure that our daily and long-term decisions conform with sustainable principles.
Our mission is to source and sell natural and green products.

Our values

  • • We care about the environment
  • • Team spirit
  • • Integrity

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Sectors and Products

Agricultural Products


Greenrock recognises the serious impacts modern agriculture has on biodiversity, water usage and environmental degradation,

Plant Growth Promotion and Protection


Greenrock’s product line includes high grade biochar made from wood grown in sustainably managed European forests.

Fragrances and Aromas


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Animal Feed




Cosmetics & Perfumery


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