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About us
Who we are

Greenrock Commodities Ltd is a London based trading house founded by three partners who understand the scope and extent of demand for natural and green products used in agriculture, forestry management, animal feed production, bioenergy, but which are also used as raw materials in the production of cosmetics & perfumery products or medicinal compounds. We work very hard to offer green solutions to our clients and ensure that our daily and long-term decisions conform with sustainable principles.
Our mission is to source and sell natural and green products.

Our values

  • • We care about the environment
  • • Team spirit
  • • Integrity

Our differentiating principles and competitive edge

Our differentiating principles: we have a genuine passion for selling green solutions, a strong instinct for market adaptability, and a solid belief in the future of green alternatives to some of the biggest polluters, such as chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
Our competitive edge: we only invest in high margin, fully natural products and excel at quick market introduction.

What we offer

We are thorough in ascertaining and monitoring the quality and sustainability of the products we source, supply and transport, and we offer the terms, packing and service that our clients require.
But we also look to constantly improve what we do so that our producers, partners and clients can focus on their own priorities.


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