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The founding team


Michel Stéphane BENEDICT
Co-founder and CEO

Michel is co-founder and CEO of London-based Greenrock Commodities Ltd. He is the founder and CEO of Stokemill Value Partners Ltd, a London-based consultancy advising industrial groups on value addition and pricing strategy. Prior to that he founded Agrisoft Commodities, a commodity brokerage dealing in beef meat, oils & fats, and industrial ethanol across Europe & UK. Before that he founded MSB Agrifood, a strategic consultancy catering to private companies and government agencies located in two continents. Prior to that Michel provided in-depth coverage of meat & dairy markets in various countries including Brazil at Gira, a strategic consultancy active in meat, dairy, and bakery sectors.
Overall, he has been active for two decades as a consultant and analyst in segments related to farm production, forestry products, food production and further processing, food ingredients & additives, chemicals, biofuels, and various by-products. Michel has been involved in due diligence and scoping projects for both corporations and investment banks. Previously Michel has built the strategic market research and corporate planning function for Kerry Ingredients Europe, after founding a seminar & food consultancy supporting South American exporters. Prior to that, Michel has advised his family’s 93-year-old educational franchise, Bénédict Network International, on various issues including contractual matters and the management of the group’s global IP strategy. Before that he has conducted multi-regional and global projects for Giract, a strategic business research & consultancy active in food ingredients & additives. Before joining the food industry Michel worked in the biotechnology and medical diagnostics industry in sales, marketing, and R&D.
Personal details: Michel lives in England. He has a BSc in biology and a MSc in biology (biotechnology) from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland and an MBA from SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy. He is passionate about sustainability and agriculture, speaks five languages and loves good food, wine, travelling, reading and the arts.


Richard COHEN
Co-founder and CTO

Richard is co-founder and CTO of Greenrock Commodities Ltd. Back in 2017 Richard created his first company Bilan Conseils, an insurance & credit advising firm based in France and with European reach.
In 2018 he co-founded Cohen & Deshais Financing Company Limited, a company specialized in private equity and private debt for private and public companies, with focus on European and Israeli businesses. He also advised Solomon Capital in Europe, an investment boutique advising Israeli companies. In 2018 he was nominated judge at the international court of arbitrage CIMEDA based in GENEVA.


Co-founder and CFO

Benoît is co-founder and CFO of Greenrock Commodities Ltd. He studied Economics at the University of Limoges, France. He worked with Agora Publishing France, in Paris. In 2002 he moved to Agora Publishing Group’s headquarters in Baltimore, USA. In 2003, Benoît moved to California, and started trading for Douglas Bay fund. In 2006, he returned to Europe and set up his own businesses. At that time he bought a farm in France where he has been managing organically raised Limousin cattle with an eye to protecting the environment. Since moving back to Europe he has been looking for worldwide investment opportunities that bring strong social and environmental benefits to both his family and his international network of clients and with a special focus on delivering private equity/debt and M&A deals. In 2017, he joined Galini capital, a Brussels-based firm that deals with institutional investors as a partner. In 2018 he Co-Founded Cohen & Deshais Financing Company Limited, a company specialised in private equity and private debt on behalf of private and public companies and with its main focus being European and Israeli corporations.
Benoît is proud to enjoy an exceptionally healthy lifestyle living in the midst of beautiful countryside.
Every day he enjoys the best products mother nature can offer and which all originate in his organic farm, including meat, fruit, vegetables, and wine.


Hudson Carvalho Silveira
COO & Sales Director for South America & Portugal

Hudson is Greenrock Commodities’ COO & Sales Director for South America & Portugal. He has well over twenty years of experience in global B2B, Retail, Supply Chain management and has a wealth of experience across Agribusiness and a large address book. Hudson is a seasoned executive and has held senior leadership positions in Agribusiness, Retail, e-commerce, and Procurement at leading companies in Brazil, USA, and China. He has solid hands-on skills in Commercial management and Sales, Import-Export, Business Strategy and Business Development. He has conducted complex deals in more than 43 countries as a company executive and has accompanied several Brazilian government commercial missions around the world along with Presidents and Agriculture Ministers from three administrations. He’s also served as a consultant for several firms looking to invest.
Before joining Greenrock Hudson was CEO of Guangzhou SAF Supply Chain Co, ltd, and set up the Brazilian subsidiary. Prior to that he was CEO of Global Grain Participações Ltda and before that, he was CEO of Unifrango Agroindustrial S/A, a vertically integrated poultry meat processing group and third largest chicken processing group by installed capacity in Brazil. Hudson served as supply chain Director for Fast & Food Import, Logistica e Distrib. Ltda, a logistics company serving QSR and restaurant chains including Burger King and Giraffas. Prior to that he was CEO of Tupman-Thurlow Co, Inc, a US based JBS S/A subsidiary, and the second largest meat importer supplying major players such as Hormel, Conagra and Nestle. Before that he was export manager for Bertin SA, serving markets in EU, Japan, USA and UK. Hudson also worked at Walmart Brazil as a meat buyer. He has served as a member of the Fiscal Board in the ABRA – Brazilian Association of Animal Rendering.
Hudson Carvalho Silveira graduated as an Industrial Chemical Engineer from FEI - S.B.C – Brazil and earned an MBA in Agribusiness Business Administration from Fundace - USP Ribeirão Preto – SP - Brazil. Hudson is a fully certified board of Directors member by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance IBGC. Hudson has followed several specialisation courses in Agribusiness, Finance, and Negotiation from Harvard Law School, Massachusetts, USA. He holds a private pilot license since 1993 in both Brazil and in the US and is a member of Aeroclube de São Paulo (a non-profit school of aviation) where was elected and served as a Member of the Board of Directors for two terms and has been Chairman of Fiscal Board for three consecutive terms.


Isabelle Gellé
Fragrances and Aromas Director

Isabelle is Greenrock Commodities’ Fragrances and Aromas Director. As the founder, Director and Principal of The Perfumery Art School and of the company Les Parfums d'Isabelle, she brings a wealth of experience and vibrant passion to the role. Isabelle is a hands-on expert with international work experience earned in many different countries. Isabelle spent most of her career in commercial sales in the Luxury Hospitality and perfumes/aroma sectors. Her passion for business and unbridled enthusiasm for the Art of Perfumery led her to set up her own companies 'Les Parfums d'Isabelle' and 'The Perfumery Art School UK'. The Perfumery Art School was the first online school of perfumery in the UK and has trained well over 350 students to become independent perfumers.
As a perfumer, Isabelle focuses on the Art rather than the Science of Perfumery, creating a bridge between Ancient and Modern scents. Ahead of her time, Isabelle anticipated that consumers would want to return to natural ingredients and in 2006, she created her own natural perfume collection, LES PARFUMS D'ISABELLE, only sold to private clients and exclusive boutiques.
Her extensive knowledge of the spices and aromas business in Africa, allowed her to become acquainted with the plethora of scents found in nature. Her career started in West Africa as a manager, buying and selling spices, Arabic gum, incense, and green tea. She has lived and worked in many foreign countries and her travels led her to develop her creativity for all that nature has to offer as well as for everything that is beautiful and of uncompromised luxury.

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